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Methyl Cellulose

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Product Specification

Methyl Cellulose

Banking upon our experienced team of professionals, we are able to manufacture and supply high quality Methyl Cellulose. Our chemical experts formulate these compounds using good quality ingredients in compliance with industrial standards. Methyl Cellulose when used as a drug is also known as citrucel, it is added to tooth pastes, hair shampoos and liquid soaps. Our cellulose is also used to treat hemorrhoids, constipation, diverticulosis and irritable bowel syndrome. These compounds are available at affordable prices.

Molecular Structure: :Degree of polymerization; R:-H,-CH3 or CH2CHOHCH3

Quality Index:


Methoxyl, wt%


Dry Loss, wt%


Viscosity(2% aqueous solution,20), mpas


 Ignition residue, wt%


Heavy metal, ppm






3. Characteristic:



Property: white powder, odorless, and nontoxic.


Water retention: it can absorb several times water than the weight itself to maintain high retention of water in stucco, plaster, coating, etc.


Soluble in cold water to form transparent viscous liquid.


Soluble in some organic solvent and the mixed solvent of water and organic compound because of the existence of hydrophobic group.


Salt resistance: it is a kind of nonionic and non-polyelectrolyte so as to be stable in metal salt and the aqueous solution of organic electrolyte. Gelatification and precipitation will occur if much electrolyte.


Surface activity: its aqueous solution is of surface activity to act as colloid protective agent, emulsifier and dispersant.


Heat gelatification: when heated to certain temperature, the aqueous solution will change into nontransparent one because of gelatification and precipitation. When gradually cooled, it will rechange into original state. The temperature of gelatification and precipitation is decided by the type of product, the concentration of solution and heated speed.


Low ash: because of the property of heat gelatification, adopting heat water to wash during preparation to refine the product. Therefore, it is of low ash content.


pH stability: the viscosity of aqueous solution is little affected by acid and alkali, its aqueous solution is stable in wide pH range from 3.0 to 11.0


Shape retention: compared with other water-soluble polymer, its

aqueous solution has special viscoelastic performance.


Lubricating property: reduce friction coefficient to improve the lubricating property of ceramics and concrete products.


Film-forming property: form solid, flexible and transparent film to show

good resistance to oil and ester.

 4. Dissolving method:
Heat the water to 80-900 C and slowly add MC under continuous agitation, after reduction in temperature and cooling to form uniform aqueous solution. Or add one third to two third of needed water, heat them to 80-900 C


  • Thickener
  • Adhesive
  • Water retention agent
  • Film-forming agent

These are also used in Excipient and emulsifier in construction, building materials, dispersed coating, polymerization auxiliaries, cosmetic, medicine, food, leather, ink and paper making, etc.

6. Package:
Offered in sealed plastic-plated woven bags, net weight:25 kg.

7. Storage:
Keep away from sun, rain and moisture


  • Longer shelf life

  • Purity

  • Accurate composition

  • Optimum quality

Product Code : 19

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